Playground: Augmented Reality

Augmented RealityThe first time I saw a video of an augmented reality demo, I just knew I had to try it right away. I plugged in my webcam and started coding, but was appalled to learn that my old webcam didn’t work on Vista. That was two years ago and I had forgotten all about it until I walked by a computer shop yesterday and saw a webcam on sale. Here’s the result of the sleepless night that followed: Read the rest of this entry »


New Game: TimeFaze

TimeFazeTimeFaze is a platform style puzzle game that gives you power over time itself. Get to the door in each level by using your wits and your time bending powers.

For me, the making of TimeFaze has been quite an experience. After taking on an extra dimention in Airhockey 3D, I thought a 2D game wouldn’t be much of a challenge anymore. Maybe this attitude was the reason all my subsequent decisions made my life a lot harder than it could have been. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Game: AirHockey 3D

AirHockey 3DYour favourite live action arcade game in full 3D! Enjoy realistic physics, replays from all angles, great sound effects and original music. Play the campaign to unlock all different tables, pucks, paddles and locations.

AirHockey 3D was built on the open source Flash 3D engine Papervision 3D. I made the models in Blender and for the sound, I once again used Audacity.

I like playing with 3d a lot, but I fear Flash is just not powerfull enough yet to make the experience as great as I’d like. Although AirHockey works well, a more complex game will be very difficult to realise until Adobe gives us hardware acceleration. Anyway, have fun!

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New Game: Symphonic Bus Tour

Symphonic Bus TourFor the past few months, my friend Mike Wiering and I have been working on a game to sponsor the student orchestra we both play in. The orchestra is going on tour to Hungary, so we thought it would be nice if the members could prepare themselves for the long and difficult trip by playing a realistic simulation of it.

The object of the game is to drive your tourbus safely and quickly from Nijmegen to Budapest and collect as many instruments as you can along the way. Make sure you drive carefully though, you are taking a very efficient but dangerous short cut.

To make the levels for Symphonic Bus Tour, we used a heavily modified version of this free editor. Mike is responsible for the graphics and the original music was written by Tom Smolders. The coding was done by me, but for the physics I used open source engine Box2DFlash.


Playground: 3D Flash

Flash3DWith the release of Flashplayer 10 came a lot of new features focused on 3D. Having played with Direct3D alot, I thought I should take a look at some of them. There are new Vector3D and Matrix3D objects and functions to handle multiplications, transformations and projections. Coding from scratch, it took me some time to get everything to work the way I wanted it, but eventually I had a nice demo to show off. However, when I uploaded it and went to show it to a friend, everything was messed up! There were no errors, but it didn’t look at all like it was supposed to.

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Playground: ActionScript, PHP and MySQL interaction

Flash MySQLA couple of days ago I stumbled on AMFPHP, a Flash Remoting gateway for PHP that makes it very easy to connect to a MySQL database and send large amounts of data back and forth. I played around with it a bit and as a demo, I made some benchmarking programs, timing the code execution time of a few famous actionscript 3 optimizations. Here’s the result:

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Getting started programming Flash games

the is just a few days old and I have only made two games so far, but because it’s all still fresh in memory, this may be the best time to tell you how I got started. And who knows, this may be a good way for you to get started making Flash games too.

First, you will need the right tools for the job. I didn’t have the €800,- to spend on the latest Adobe Flash CS4 development suite, but luckily Adobe has enabled the open source community to come up with their own tools to target the Flash platform through the Flex SDK. I am not much of a graphics designer anyway, so I decided to write my games purely in Actionscript 3 using the open source IDE FlashDevelop. Just download the latest version, install it, and point it to the path where you installed the latest free Flex SDK (currently Flex 3, downloadable here).

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New Game: Spinner!

SpinnerHere it is, the game that justifies the ‘more games’ option in Form Fighter’s menu. Spinner may seem like a very simple game, just use the mouse to spin the wheel and line up the colors correctly. The hard part is that you need to decide yourself when your score is high enough. Don’t wait too long, or you can end up with nothing at all!

The tools used to make this game are Flashdevelop, Microsoft Paint and Audacity. Watch the making of video here. Enjoy!

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New Game: Form Fighter

Form Fighter

Gamestoves first game is here! Form Fighter is a classic arcade style shooter in which you can choose your own upgrade path.

I made this game to get some Flash programming experience. The tools I used are: FlashDevelop (with the adobe Flex sdk), Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Visual C# 2008 express edition for the voice and Audacity to record and edit that voice. Highscores and ads are by Mochiads.

The game may seem a bit hard at first, but if you manage to get five guns at maximum fire rate, it will be well worth your trouble to shower those bubbles with bullets and wipe the smile of the faces of those yellow bastards. Have fun!

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Hello world!

The pilot light has flared, is online!

Check back soon for new games and articles about Flash, Gaming, Programming and more.

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